Our Policy and Ethical Charter

Our Aim: To make a positive difference to people’s lives

We will do this by adhering to the following key principles:


We treat people with respect and give them the opportunity to earn a living with dignity and pride

Reward / Pay

We will pay a fair price for any items made for the project

Teaching & Learning

We help people to learn new skills and develop their abilities, and we also learn new skills from them to share amongst other groups


We work with rural and isolated communities to make a real difference to the lives of the workers and their extended families.

Re-Use & Re-Cycle

We will re-use textiles or use recycled textiles and teach ways to be more sustainable with waste in order to help protect our environment for generations to come.

Open / Transparent

We have a transparent policy. We are clear about where and how the Ragwaste project money is spent and this information is open to anyone on request.


Any donations received are used solely to develop and progress the project. This includes:

  1. Teaching time
  2. Textile workshops
  3. Buying tools and equipment for the community groups in order to create a long-term sustainable project.

Feel free to ask how your donation will be spent.