Today we needed to buy more supplies as we’ve been leaving our equipment with some of the projects as they are in need of sewing equipment. We had no workshops planned for today so used the day to source more supplies and relax. We walked to a local market and bought more scissors and cottons, and materials. We then took a train to Colaba which is the southern tip of Mumbai and were able to sit in the 'ladies only' carriage.

This was good as the main carriages were crammed full and looked very overcrowded.An hour's journey cost 20p. Beat that British Rail !

Whilst on the train people asked to touch my hair! Also, I had some young girls who asked if they could take my picture. There are very few westerners in Mumbai and having dreads is a sight that many have not seen ;)

We returned to Andheri to see a film. The cinemas in India are a welcome break from the heat as they are air conditioned. A cinema ticket here in India costs £1.50 and the cinemas are very luxurious. They still have an interval of 20 minutes mid film! Tomorrow we are going to see a women’s project that has been recommended to us. Looking forward to that !


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