Another quiet day for us to rest and reflect on our work so far. After breakfast we took a walk around our local streets and went to a local park. We sat for sometime watching the young boys playing cricket. Cricket is a big thing here in India ! The park is a dusty, hot, sandy, space but offers a recreational area where children and adults can come together as a community. I sat under a beautiful blossom tree watching butterflies while listening to the sound of bat on ball (editor: I think she means "leather on willow"). A gentle walk back to the hotel to continue with a sewing project that Gurpreet and I have started. We are making a gift for the project we visited in the Malad Slums as the girls really touched us with their aspirations and drive despite such overwhelming adversity.Tomorrow we travel up North to the green, mountainous area of Thane to visit a school for physically disabled children.


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