Today we took a taxi to a region to the North of Mumbai, Thane. We were met by Shailesh Salvi who coordinates the Vishwas Charitable Trust. It’s been running for 20 years and works with young people with learning disabilities. Shailesh is an artist and believes that learning and skills can be developed through art, dance and music. We went to see the young people doing their morning yoga session and then watched them make various craft items. They sell craft items to generate funds for the project. The young people seemed so happy, full of life and with a sparkle in their eyes. They then presented us with gifts that they had made. Shailesh then took us to visit Jagruti Palak Sanstha , another school for children with learning disabilities run by parents.

The children welcomed us so warmly and the parents and volunteers explained the project to us. Once again, the children formally presented us with gifts that they had made when we left.The last project we visited was Snehalaya , a centre for people in need of special care. This project acts as advocates for people with learning disabilities encouraging them to speak up for themselves. The children gave us gifts and hugs when we left and once again touched our hearts. During the day Dayabhai contacted us to ask if we had managed to get some leaflets done for the project. They have an exhibition tomorrow in Collaba ,which we are visiting ,and wanted to raise awareness through some marketing leaflets. It was always a difficult task but we had agreed to get some done back in the UK and send some over.Shailesh was a designer and agreed to help so we went back to his house where he and Lajari helped us to design some brochures. It was emailed to a local printers and 1 hour later Lajari and I went to pick them up in from a tiny back street printers. 1,000 leaflets all ready for Dayabhai and his girls. ! A long busy day for us but we have achieved a lot today and are looking forward to presenting the leaflets tomorrow.


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