Today we went down to the southern tip of Mumbai to the leafy suburbs of Colaba. It really is a stark contrast to the centre of Mumbai with its leafy palm tree lined streets and large white colonial buildings. There is a huge stretch of beach where people flock from all around to watch the huge Indian sun setting over the sea. We met Dayabhai and Freda from the Sakhi Navnirmaan project at a college for Social work where they had an exhibition, we presented them with their leaflets.

They were overwhelmed as they had waited for over 2 years to have the leaflets done. It was wonderful to watch Dayabhai handing out the leaflets to passers by and chatting about the project. He is so passionate about his work and wants to raise awareness of the project and his work.We also gave them a hanging that we had made which said “ My day will come “ . They seemed touched and I hope they will hang it in their workspace for the girls to see.We were met there by Shashi who helped to start the project by buying the sewing machines and offering support and guidance. From the college we went with Shashi the Jehangi Art Gallery to see works from several artists. Artists can wait for up to 5 years to have an exhibition at Jehangi and we were able to be there at the opening night for these 7 artists. The work was of a very high standard. We then travelled back to the hotel as the sun was setting over the ocean. We hit Mumbai rush hour which is something I am getting used to. I’ll never moan about traffic jams in the UK again.


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