Today we have begun to wind down after fitting in about 6 months worth in to 3 weeks.We had a walk in the morning to a nearby park to watch old men passing the time of day with each other and children playing. Some local.children brought "Vinny" their kitten to see us. After giving Vinny a cuddle the little boy then took Vinny on the slide...not sure how Vinny felt about that !

A bit of last minute shopping then an early dinner out at a local restaurant Kichidi.We had a delicious dish of aubergines and spinach Rota.We then walked back along some of the night markets. Mumbai comes to life more at night as temperatures cool and street markets light up the city.Tomorrow we will be sitting on our suitcases to try to squeeze everything in....we've allocated the whole day to pack, unpack and repack. Oh, and a quick shipping trip.


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