Trip to India

Good Morning From Kochi

Sleep pattern is a bit random! 

We are ready for Day 1 here in Kochi, had a lovely breakfast on the terrace.


Artistic Airports!

Mumbai and Kochi airports are really well designed

Lot's of art work by different artists and creative people. We were overwhelmed by the details and amazing creative ideas...


We're Here at Last!!

IMG-20190208-WA0010acollageAs we stepped out of the airport, we felt alive, the heat, the colours, the noises, traffic, birds singing... Really great feeling that we are finally here.. Enjoyed late lunch and now getting ready for bed, not slept for two nights! Photos of our hotel and around the place

We're Off!!!

Finally we are in our seats... 

Our flight from Birmingham was delayed from 11:05 to 13:15!!!


The Journey Begins...

Phew! Got through check-in procedures! Now the flight is delayed.


Jen & Technology

Jen and technology, don't go together... 

On our flight Jen's headphones didn't work and on second flight, she was watching a film and the screen went blank! They had to re-boot the system. Just keep her away from the cockpit!!


A Big Thank You...

Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers! We have had donations of saris, jewellery, fabrics, off cuts etc. Please keep these coming as we are up-cycling these items. Thank you goes to Rupa Kanabar, Rupal Ruparalia, Sujata Kanani, Rukhsana Hanif, Yasmin Contractor, Sutantar Johal, Anjana Vaja, Amita Chandrana ....

Our last Planning meeting before we leave UK

Cafe Delhi, our meeting place